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Steven Savitt – Exploratory Workshops – 1998
For some time now, the foundations of physics have been haunted by the twin problems of understanding quantum theory and reconciling quantum theory with general relativity, Einstein's curved spacetime theory of gravitation. Resolution of these problems will be crucial to gaining an understanding of the origins and fate of the universe, and understanding the fundamental nature of matter, space and time. While these issues are of quite broad interest, they are of particular professional concern to physicists, mathematicians and philosophers. At present, UBC is home to a small but prominent group of researchers in quantum theory and quantum gravity - the general relativity group in the physics department, headed by Bill Unruh, and several individuals in the areas of condensed-matter physics, high-energy physics, philosophy of science and mathematics. In fact, UBC is one of the very few universities in North America to house top-notch researchers in physics, mathematics and philosophy of science - only Princeton and arguably the University of Pittsburgh have comparable breadth and depth. This makes it an especially suitable location for this workshop.