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Centre for Community Engaged Learning



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Vancouver, BC
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Susan Grossman is part of the 2022 PWIAS Campus Synergy Group.

Susan Grossman is a Social Impact Strategist and Educator. She is Director at the Centre for Community Engaged Learning, University of British Columbia, providing leadership to support excellence in educational consulting and community engagement.

As a professional educator, skillful relationship builder, community engagement specialist, capacity builder, and strategic leader, Susan works to situate knowledge and expertise in the classroom and in the community, believing that new knowledge is constructed jointly and collectively through applied action, reflective practice, and through the iterative analysis of ideas and principles. She seeks to uncover assets, tap into existing energy, and support change already underway.

Susan has a long history working in partnership with community-based organizations in many sectors, including children/youth/family, immigrant services, aboriginal affairs, disability, education, arts and culture, foundations, and others. She currently sits as a Director on the Board of the Vancouver Foundation as Board President and Chair at ArtSpeak Gallery.