Sylvia Stockler

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Sylvia Stockler

Dr. Sylvia Stockler is an expert in pediatric metabolic diseases who has championed international research efforts on rare metabolic diseases. She is Clinical Investigator at the Child and Family Research Institute, Professor and Head, Division of Biochemical Diseases, Department of Pediatrics, University of British Columbia and Program Director, Biochemical Diseases, BC Children’s Hospital. Dr. Stockler applies an integrated approach to understanding genetic disorders, with a focus on treatable intellectual disabilities. Dr. Stockler’s daily work in rare diseases is driven by the goals of improving existing treatments while also identifying new therapies. Presently, Dr. Stockler participates as both principal and co-investigator in several national and international clinical trials and disease registries, with mandates to find evidence for new and existing therapies for rare diseases. Dr. Stockler has published over 200 peer reviewed articles and book chapters. Dr. Stockler teaches biochemical genetics to fellows and residents and supervises numerous PhD students engaged in rare disease research and concepts of individualized patient care. She has received national and global recognition for her clinical and research activities.

Co-Principal Investigator Awards

Karen Spruyt – International Visiting Research Scholars – 2013