Tabitha Martens

Wall Associate


Applied Animal Biology


Land and Food Systems



Tabitha Robin Martens is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at the University of British Columbia. She spends much of her time learning about traditional food practices. Her work focuses on dismantling colonial and rebuilding Indigenous food systems. 

Primary Recipient Awards

Tabitha Martens – Catalyst Collaboration Fund – 2022

Project: Caring for the Land: Indigenous Defenders, Guardians, Seed Keepers and Love
Exploring how Indigenous guardians, watchmen, and seed keepers express their love and care for the land in British Columbia. This qualitative project will be guided by an Indigenous research paradigm and seeks to complete 15 conversational interviews with guardians, watchmen, and seed keepers (and others who may describe their roles and responsibilities differently) in British Columbia. Interview data will be analyzed to identify emergent themes surrounding love for the land.