Tim Inglis

Wall Associate




School of Kinesiology





Dr. Tim Inglis leads the Origins of Balance Deficits and Falls Research Cluster and the Neurophysionlogy Laboratory. His research group evaluates the sensorimotor control aspects of the human nervous system using a variety of neurophysiological techniques. A major component of the Neurophysiology laboratory focuses on using a nerve recording technique called microneurography. It was the first laboratory in Canada to use this technique, and one of a handful around the world. Microneurography makes it possible to record the single-unit (single axon) activity from the peripheral nerves of awake human subjects. Other neurophysiological techniques used in this laboratory are H-Reflex testing, galvanic and stochastic vestibular stimulation during standing balance control, and the use of surface and indwelling electromyography to assess normal standing balance control, movement and sensorimotor control in certain clinical Neurological populations.