Timothy Hammond

Visiting Scholar


Professor of Medicine


Department of Nephrology




Duke University

Geographic Location

United States
Timothy Hammond

Timothy Hammond, M.D., is a medical internist and kidney specialist by primary traning. However, he has spent the majority of his professional life studying drug metabolism in research labs in multidisciplinary teams. He has been a pioneer in the application of suspension culture techniques to create cellular redox states that mimic the conditions found inside diverse tumors. Applying collaborative, creative, innovative interdisciplinary fundamental research techniques, he has brought together engineering, cell biology, and genomics to study metabolism in the microgravity of space. Initially trained as a medical doctor at University of Melbourne in Australia, he trained in research at Harvard Medical School and Mayo Clinic. He underwent clinical traning, ran research labs, and served as faculty at University of Wisconsin, Tulane Universit, and most recently Duke University School of Medicine. Throughout this time he has served the US Department of Veterans Affairs as a researcher, physician and administrator. He has flown more than 20 payloads in space, testified to the US Congress on biotechnology, and is one of Fortune Magazaine’s 5 people “discovering tomorrow today”.

Primary Recipient Awards

Timothy Hammond – International Visiting Research Scholars – 2015