Valery Milner

Wall Associate


Associate Professor


Physics and Astronomy





Dr. Valery Milner is Associate Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. He leads the Ultrafast Quantum Coherent Control of Matter research group. This team uses high-power ultrashort laser pulses to, a) control and monitor the motion of molecule, b) change their physical and chemical properties, c) orchestrate inter-molecular interactions, and d) create and study exotic molecular states. Dr. Milner’s group pursues interdisciplinary research at the interface between physics and chemistry, molecular and solid-state physics, theory and experiment, fundamental and applied science. They occupy one laboratory at the Department of Chemistry and another one in Physics. They are part of the Laboratory for Advanced Spectroscopy and Imaging Research ( LASIR ), the Center for Research on Ultra-Cold Systems ( CRUCS ), and the Center for Coherent Dynamics of Ultra-Cold Molecular Systems project supported by the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies.