Yohan Payan

Visiting Scholar


Professor at Grenoble University and Research Director at CNRS


TIMC-IMAG Laboratory


CNRS La Tronche

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Yohan Payan

Yohan Payan was hired in 1997 as a professor in Grenoble University and since 2002 is research director at CNRS. Fifteen years post-PhD he has focused on biomechanics for speech production (1997 Best Thesis Prize,Grenoble University), and has developed a research team dedicated to biomechanics for Computer Assisted Surgery. He received the 2012 Senior Prize of the French Biomechanics Society. His main research concerns biomechanical modeling of soft tissues and their integration into medical devices to assist surgeons for planning (pre-operative surgical assistance) or intra-operative surgical guidance applications in plastic and maxilla-facial surgery, neurosurgery or rehabilitation.

Lecture: Biomechanical Modeling of Soft Tissues for Computer-Assisted Medical Interventions

Dr. Payan will introduce the field of Computer-Assisted Medical Interventions while focusing on the areas of his research expertise, namely the biomechanical modeling of soft tissues. He will then describe the main challenges researchers face in the future, i.e. the automatic generation of patient-specific models of organs and the integration of simulation tools into medical devices able to provide real-time computations of these models. He will illustrate these challenges in the domains of plastic and maxilla facial surgery, neurosurgery and for the prevention of pressure ulcers (for paraplegic patients and diabetic persons).

Primary Recipient Awards

Yohan Payan – French Scholars Lecture Series – 2015