Yong Wang

Visiting Scholar


School of International Studies


Beijing University

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Yong Wang

Yong Wang is an Associate Professor at the School of International Studies, Peking University. He is also Director of the Peking University Center for International Political Economy Research. His primary research interests concern international political economy, the politics of WTO and other international economic institutions, and regional integration in East Asia as well as US-China relations. He tries to illuminate the relations between state and market on the global and domestic levels. His current interest concerns the changes produced by economic globalization and the impact on China’s economic and political policy making. Since 1995, he has conducted field research on US-China economic negotiations and Mainland China and Taiwan’s WTO accession respectively in the United States, Mainland China and Taiwan. At Peking University, he teaches courses in International Political Economy, China-US Economic and Trade Relations, and Politics of International Trade.

Primary Recipient Awards

Yong Wang – International Visiting Research Scholars – 2014