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Yves Tiberghien

Yves Tiberghien is Director of the Institute of Asian Research at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Executive Director of the UBC China Council, and Associate Professor of Political Science. He is a Senior Fellow at the Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada, a Senior Fellow with the Global Summitry Project at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, and a visiting professor at Tokyo University. He is a Faculty Associate at both EHESS and Sciences Po in France.
Dr. Tiberghien specializes in East Asian comparative political economy, international political economy, and global economic and environmental governance, with an empirical focus on China, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. He focuses on the ongoing transition in the global economic and environmental order, in the face of new systemic risks, a changing balance of power, and the rise of populist political forces.
Dr. Tiberghien is currently leading an international team on the Paris Agreement on climate change. He also founded the Vision 20 group in 2015, a new coalition of global scholars and policy-makers aiming at providing a long-term perspective on the challenges of global economic and environmental governance. The V20 has held two summits (Hangzhou, 2016, and Washington DC, 2017: http://www.thevision20.org).

Primary Recipient Awards

Yves Tiberghien – Early Career Scholars – 2003

Co-Principal Investigator Awards

Yong Wang – International Visiting Research Scholars – 2014