Covid-19: B.C. homeowners advised to prepare for wildfires

April 20, 2020

In a normal April, the province would be conducting prescribed burning to clear areas of fuel, including dead grass, leaves and debris, fallen trees and undergrowth, which act as tinder for forest fires. But that work has largely been put on hold because of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

2017 Wall Solutions award recipient Lori Daniels (UBC Faculty of Forestry) says she agrees with the government’s decision to halt the burns, but raised concerns over the increased risk of massive wildfires. Daniels also outlines how B.C. residents could ‘fire smart’ their homes and prepare for the wildfires that will inevitably occur this summer.

Daniels Wall Solutions award is being used to identify the barriers to community participation in wildfire prevention and to co-develop potential solutions to increase participation in preventative wildfire management throughout B.C.