Energy Literacy: Towards a Conceptual Framework for Energy Transition

February 13, 2023

2022 Wall Scholar Derek Gladwin has published an article about energy transition in society in Environmental Education Research. The article argues that a deeper education around energy can shift the ways we approach the climate emergency. 


Energy is fundamental to our existence. And yet, energy remains difficult to understand and discuss, particularly the impacts or limitations of certain energy systems and how energy functions in sociocultural contexts. Bridging theory and practice, energy literacy expands what we know about energy and how we may think about it in the world around us. Acknowledging how the world’s energy supply and use directly connects to the climate emergency, this article demonstrates how energy literacy can offer environmental and sustainability education other ways of addressing the energy transition. Understanding the underpinnings of energy – with integrated aspects of epistemology, ontology, and application (i.e., what energy is, what energy is about, and what energy does) – leads to the question: what approach effectively translates these experiences and knowledges to a wide range of users, learners, and stakeholders? This article proposes a conceptual framework of energy literacy that considers theoretical ideas and concepts to translate complex systems and understand energy more holistically.

You can read the article in its entirety here.