About the Neganthropocene and its Economy

Oct 18, 2016

We live in the Anthropocene. But is the Anthropocene bearable – that is: viable? Of course not. The Anthropocene is an Entropocene. Bernard Stiegler will show why and how it is necessary and possible to overcome the Anthropocene to enter the Neganthropocene – to found an economy based on a neganthropic value.

Trained under Derrida at the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, French philosopher Bernard Stiegler is Founder and Director of the Institut de recherche et d’innovation in Paris and has lectured and published widely on philosophy, technology, digitization, capitalism, and consumer culture. The Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies has partnered with the Consulat général de France à Vancouver to bring Prof. Stiegler to UBC for their French Scholars Lecture Series. This lecture is also sponsored by UBC’s Department of Art HIstory, Visual Art + Theory and the Western Front Society.

This event will be live-streamed on YouTube.

Seating is limited. Please register.