Apr. 26: Artistic Practice Session #6. Trans-corporeal Connections: Attunement, Synchronization, Imprint

Apr 26, 2023

Facilitated by Sidi Chen

In this session we will be working with a series of practices developed to help materialize some of the intangible connections between bodies. Utilizing different games and devices, such as Origami, Cat’s Cradles, metronomes and tuning forks we will create experiences of trans-corporeal connections that encourage us to reconsider our actions and their impact on our relations.

Participants will be invited to explore a deeper understanding of the changes in their bodies and relationships through sensorial experiences that help attune to how human bodies are part of the energetic and material circulations of their environments. How can we develop alternative channels to communicate with the other-than-human? And how can listening with our full bodies change our awareness of the impacts our actions have on each other?

Join us if you seek to explore your bodies’ capacities to connect and discover alternative modes of relating via simple gestures and materials.

Please be advised that the session will include moments of strong sound stimulation.

Space is limited to 12 participants, registration is required. REGISTER

This workshop is part of a series of 6 Artistic Practice Immersion Sessions for nurturing intellectual and relational stamina in the context of the Climate and Nature Emergency.