Apr. 8: Body, a Trace of Memory with Marco Esccer

Apr 08, 2023

Body, a Trace of Memory is part of the free workshop series offered by the Liberated Planet Studio (LPS). Supported by the PWIAS Catalyst Collaboration Fund, LPS provides practice space and workshops for artists and activists interested in ecological and movement research at the intersections of social and environmental justice.


Session description from artist/facilitator Marco Esccer

Our bodies are a complex result of embodied words. Language shapes  our skin. Memories we repeat and revive every time they cross our cells. Every step, every word, every hug we give trace memory on the planet. Our thoughts intertwined with the complex mechanism of ordinary life.

Would the human body become more respectful of its environment if it knew that memory will precede?

In this class we will explore movement and its creative metaphors. Through structuring improvisation we will play with the ever-changing body, tapping into its inherent intuitive movement; giving space for it to be recognized, witnessed and embraced.  

Marco Esccer (he/him) is a Mexican queer artist, performer, creator and educator, and has a diverse background from the technical to the therapeutic aspect of dance.

He received his Bachelor in Ballet by the National Ballet and Contemporary School of Mexico City (2011-2016), followed by certifications in Research, experimentation and artistic production (2015-2016), Dance Movement Therapy (2016), Certified Yoga Instructor (2021), Progressive Ballet Technique Instructor (2022), and Mental Application: mind-body connection (2019-2022). Marco’s recent work has been performed with the support of Co.Erasga, 12 Minutes Max at The Dance Centre, and “Aeropuertos llenos de Esperanza” a choreography about migration and hope as a guest choreographer with Coastal City Ballet. Currently training with Coastal City Ballet, part of Re-Centering Margins from Dance West, Communications Coordinator at New Works Society, and providing embodiment workshops for diverse organizations in person and online.

With a profound interest in creating spaces for awareness of motion, feelings and thoughts, he believes in Art & Movement as a human enhancing method to be more connected with creativity and in sinergic communication and respect with others and the environment; and he is interested in art as a bridge for compassion and understanding finding the common threads between cultures into humanity.