Oct 19: Artistic Immersion Session #1: Rhythm, Resonance & Responsibility

Oct 19, 2022

This session was originally scheduled for Sep 28, 2022

Artist Digital Residency 2022

Artistic Practice Immersion Session #1: Rhythm, Resonance & Responsibility

Featured Artists: Cliff Berrien and Azul

The session is an invitation to practice (self)critical and relational rigor in moving beyond common patterns of simplistic solutions, paternalistic forms of engagement and ethnocentric ideals of sustainability, justice, and change.

Through African drumming, participants will experience how to hold down a rhythm in the context of a larger musical “conversation.” This practice can expand the capacity to navigate the chaotic cacophony of our times by surrendering the compulsions to control and curate reality.

Group drumming can be an effective practice for learning how not to “hold one voice close and other voices distant” as it is important to hear both the underlying beat as well as the contributions of each part of the ensemble without rejecting/needing to ‘fix’ or ‘control’ some in the search for a sense of security and comfort.

Guided by the embodied sound and the principles of musical entrainment, participants will dive into ‘difficult waters’ to try and break our socially sanctioned patterns of selective entanglement and simultaneously start to develop the somatic stamina for a more sober and mature way to face our complicity in the Climate and Nature Emergency.

Participants should be aware that the session may push them beyond their comfort zones. This session is not about self-expression or the enjoyment of sound – it is about encountering sound in a different way. We recommend participants come with a willingness to challenge their ways of relating to sound and to meet their own resistance as teachers in this process of (un)learning.

This is the first of 6 Artistic Practice Immersion Sessions for nurturing intellectual and relational stamina in the context of the Climate and Nature Emergency.

Space is limited to 20 participants, registration is required.