Celebrating UBC Emeriti Research Luncheon

Apr 04, 2017

Celebrating UBC Emeriti Research Luncheon is organized by UBCAPE and co-sponsored by the Peter Wall Institute of Advanced Studies.
These luncheons are held twice a year, in the spring and fall.

Emeriti, faculty, students (graduate and undergraduate) and the public are welcome.

Registration for event (members includes complimentary lunch and non-members)

Registration for event (non-members who wish to order a paid lunch ($15.00) online)


Noon: Coffee and lunch buffet
12:30 pm: Opening remarks by Philippe Tortell, Director Peter Wall Institute of Advanced Studies and Peter Suedfeld, Chair.

12:40-1:25 pm Priscilla (Cindy) Greenwood
Professor Emerita of Mathematics (2000)
The Essential Role of Randomness in the Nervous System

Priscilla (Cindy) Greenwood is a probabilist with UBC Department of Mathematics since 1966 and an associate member of the UBC Department of Statistics. Her published work includes applications of stochastic modeling and analysis in a variety of directions including solar energy storage, population dynamics, epidemiology, and neuroscience. She is devoted to the idea that the beauty and power of probabilistic thinking should be opened to the academic public as widely as possible.

1:30-2:20 pm Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe 
Professor Emeritus of Art History, Visual Art and Theory (2015)
A Commonwealth of Modernism

Rhondri Windsor-Liscombe’s research focuses on intersections between Modern Movement design practice and late British imperial policy; the design process and more especially association between aesthetic and technological design represent a further dimension of inquiry.

2:20-2:30 pm: Coffee break

2:30-3:30 pm Joan Anderson
Professor Emerita of Nursing (2006)
Late Scholarship: Fostering the Research/Advocacy/Praxis Dialectic

Joan Anderson’s research examines how the intersections of geography, history and socio-political-economic relations act as constraints to human agency and shape the experiences of health, illness and suffering; and the challenges of sustainable knowledge exchange. Her continuing scholarship in collaboration with colleagues is the topic of this session.

This last presentation will include a panel discussion with Annette Browne and Paddy Rodney, UBC School of Nursing; Daniel Steel, UBC School of Population and Public Health and Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham, Trinity Western University (in absentia).

3:30 pm: Closing remarks by Peter Suedfeld, Chair