Conservation finance: Engaging private capital in sustainability

Mar 23, 2018

Conservation finance strategies that seek positive environmental and social outcomes while generating returns for private investors are a potential game-changer for sustainability and biodiversity conservation. Global initiatives funded by private sector dollars are already being deployed. Despite great potential, however, financial, social, and environmental challenges and uncertainties remain. This conference brings together communities of practice and scholarship to discuss the opportunities, challenges, and needs related to private investing in conservation and is open to the public.

Conservation Finance, Private Capital, and Sustainability: Using the Tools of Finance for Conservation – John Tobin, Cornell University
Down in the dirt: Approaches to establish and track environmental outcomes – Amanda Rodewald, Cornell University
Perspectives on ten years of conservation financing in the Great Bear Rainforest – Brodie Guy, Coast Funds
Financing Fisheries’ Sustainability: Opportunities and Challenges – Kelly Wachowicz, Catch Invest

See Roundtable web page.