Decolonize this!

Nov 26, 2018

The Centre for Culture, Identity and Education and The Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies present:

Decolonize This!
International Theorizing and Praxis of Decolonization

This Symposium brings together faculty and graduate students from Rhodes University, UBC, and OISE-UT who work in the area of decolonizing in the fields of the arts, community building, and higher education nationally and internationally. The presentations interrogate the myths and realities underpinning decolonial theory and praxis and articulate more context specific approaches in social justice projects from decolonizing the university in South Africa, Palestine and Canada through performing decolonization through dance in Latin America and examination of everyday cultural practice in China to a transnational rejection of the modern/colonial imaginary and the gesturing toward a decolonial approach to equity education.  

Authors and presentations: 

Uchenna Okeja (Rhodes University, South Africa)
Title: Decolonization: Myth and Reality

Yao Xiao (UBC)
Title: Look! Listen! Speak! Eat!: Chinese Pride on the Table

Lucy El-Sherif (University of Toronto) 
Title: Choreographing Palestine

Sonia Medel (UBC)
Title: Dancing (De)Coloniality- An Embodied Latina Diaspora Perspective 

Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti (UBC)
Title: The Enduring Educational Challenges of Setting Horizons of Hope Beyond Modern-Colonial Imaginaries

André Elias Mazawi (CCIE/UBC)
Title: What Does it Take to Decolonize Palestinian Higher Education?

Handel Kashope Wright (CCIE/UBC)
Title: Youth Activism and Academia as Public Sphere


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