Erased Dots and Rotten Dashes

Mar 17, 2016

Abstract:Wall Visiting Artist Paul DeMarinis will discuss several of his investigations into media-historical objects accompanied by some musings on works created in their image. DeMarinis’ works playfully consider the inarticulate ideas and dreams that technical artefacts and mechanisms embody, speculating about the origins of metaphors inscribed in such often seemingly archaic and obsolete technologies.
Bio:Paul DeMarinis is Associate Profes­sor for Sound and Media at Stanford University. He has been an Artist-in-Residence at Wesleyan University, the Exploratorium, and at Xerox PARC in Palo Alto, California. In the early 1980s Paul was a video game de­signer for Atari before a decade-long stint teaching at the San Francisco Art Institute. He has received numer­ous awards and grants including the Golden Nica for Interactive Art at Ars Electronica, Linz for his work “The Messenger.”
Please register for this free event. Refreshments will be provided for registered guests. For more information, see the poster.University Centre, Seminar Room (307), 6331 Crescent Road, Vancouver