Feb. 11:  Sherpa Songs to Inform How We Live in the Midst of Dying with Pasang Yangjee Sherpa

Feb 11, 2023

Sherpa Songs to Inform How We Live in the Midst of Dying is part of the free Spring 2023 Workshop Series at Liberated Planet Studio.


Event Description:

In November of 2022, Sherpa community members in Seattle recorded three traditional songs as the first step towards vitalizing them. These songs from Khumbu in northeastern Nepal represent community sentiment and sensibility developed over generations living on one of the highest and harshest landscapes. We will listen to these songs with English translation during the workshop to reflect on the question: how do we live in the midst of dying.

Pasang Yangjee Sherpa is 2022 Wall Catalyst Scholar and an assistant professor of Lifeways in Indigenous Asia. She is jointly appointed to the Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies (home department) and the Department of Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia. She is a trained Sherpa anthropologist from Nepal. Her research, writing and pedagogy focuses on climate change and Indigeneity among Himalayan communities. She is currently involved in two collaborative projects. The first project, titled “Transnational Sherpas” investigates what it means to be a Sherpa today. The second seeks just pathways for sustainable futures in the Anthropocene, along with geographers Ritodhi Chakraborty and Costanza Rampini, and includes critical reflections on how the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change can open up space for Indigenous peoples and local communities.

Launched by 2022 Catalyst Wall Scholar, Ayasha Guerin and supported by the PWIAS Catalyst Collaboration Fund, Liberated Planet Studio provides practice space and a free Saturday workshop series for artists and activists interested in ecological and movement research at the intersections of social and environmental justice.