May 4: Political Economy of Extinction

May 04, 2023
  • 1-3pm
  • Location:
    Peter Wall Institute
    Seminar Room (Room 307)
    6331 Crescent Road, UBC

The Wall Catalyst Emeriti cohort meet monthly to share research experience and engage with guest lecturers on the topic of the “Climate and Nature Emergency”. These lectures and panel sessions are hosted at the Institute and will be open to the public as well as available over Zoom in the months ahead.




Political Economy of Extinction and Biodiversity Loss
Dr. Jessica Dempsey, Geography  (2018 Wall Scholar)
Dr. Rashid Sumaila, School of Public Policy and Global Affairs
Dr. Louise Teh, Research Associate, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries 
Audrey Irvine-Broque, Graduate Student, Geography

In this session, members of the UBC community will deliver short presentations on the political economy of biodiversity loss with a focus on underlying drivers of biodiversity loss, species decline, overfishing and harmful fishing subsidies. Discussion will follow. 

Jessica Dempsey, Associate Professor, Geography, UBC

“My research and teaching focus on environmental politics. In geography this often goes under the label of political ecology, which refers to much more than the government or the state. It includes consideration of how environmental politics is shaped by and shapes economics, science, culture, history, gender, racism, colonialism, social movements and more.”

Rashid Sumaila, Professor and Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Interdisciplinary Ocean and Fisheries Economics at the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, and the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, UBC.

Rashid Sumaila’s research focuses on bioeconomics, marine ecosystem valuation and the analysis of global issues such as fisheries subsidies, marine protected areas, illegal fishing, climate change, marine plastic pollution, and oil spills. Sumaila has experience working in fisheries and natural resource projects in Norway, Canada and the North Atlantic region, Namibia and the Southern African region, Ghana and the West African region and Hong Kong and the South China Sea.

More information available on the UBC Emeritus College website.