Feb. 25: Danzanacion Tolteca with Ehecatl-Tziin Beatrix Pimentel

Feb 25, 2023

Danzanacion Tolteca is part of the free Workshop Series at Liberated Planet Studio (LPS). Supported by the PWIAS Catalyst Collaboration Fund, LPS provides practice space and workshops for artists and activists interested in ecological and movement research at the intersections of social and environmental justice.


A combined Spanish word, Danzanacion Tolteca means “Healing with Dance”

This is an invitation for all bodies who feel the call to connect with the deep ancestral roots of their natural healing system through the ancient ritual dance of Pre-hispanic Mexhika Culture.This tradition is communal and individual medicine, as each step of the dance encapsulates a meaning that recreates a path in the mind and in the spirit. It’s a fun method to strengthen the body, harmonize emotions and align the soul with the Universal Cosmic Dance.

Ehecatl-Tziin Beatrix Pimentel (it/they), born and raised in Mexico from Toltec and Arabic ancestry, has dedicated the last 33 years to practice as a holistic massage therapist and soul healer, designing every session as an artesania. Beatrix is a licensed integrative sexologist who has traveled through all kinds of life dances: from folklore, erotic dance, theatre, to clay modeling.