How Will Animals Respond to Climate Change?

Mar 18, 2015

Abstract:Human activities are changing our environment an unprecedented pace. Although we often focus on biodiversity loss as a result of human impacts, environmental change is producing both “winners” and “losers”, as some species are likely to benefit from the altered environment, while others are declining in abundance and even heading towards extinction. The challenge for biology today is to develop tools to help predict these outcomes and manage this change. In this presentation I will examine some of the factors that make predicting climate change winners and losers challenging, and introduce some of the fascinating animals that are likely to be affected by human-induced environmental change.
About the speaker: Patricia Schulte is professor in the Department of Zoology at the University of British Columbia and a 2014-2015 Wall Scholar at the Peter Wall Institute. Her research addresses the mechanisms via which animals respond to environmental change, both in the short term and over evolutionary time. Her work is motivated by a fascination with the enormous diversity of life on earth, and the processes that generate, and that can threaten, this diversity.
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