Jun. 23: Listening to Lhq’a:lets / Vancouver

Jun 23, 2023

This event is part of the three-part Friday evening series, Artists Within the Anthropocene. Presented in partnership with the Belkin Art Gallery. Listening to Lhq’a:lets / Vancouver is also part of a week-long artist residency organized with The Score: Performing, Listening and Decolonization UBC Research Excellence Cluster, in partnership with the UBC School of Music and Evergreen.

This evening will mark the culmination of a week-long artist residency. This project is, in part, a critical response to R. Murray Schafer’s book The Vancouver Soundscape (1973), one iteration of the World Soundscape Project that sought to document the soundscape of Vancouver, open the public’s ears to the problem of noise pollution, and galvanize listeners’ awareness to acoustic ecology. As a portrait of the place now referred to as “Vancouver,” Schafer’s work is remarkably silent.

Resident artists and scholars will have spent time listening to Lhq’a:lets to consider how one might come to know this place through listening. By “listening,” we consider the fullest range of sensory engagement: how our bodies listen through the haptics of vibration; how we hear the voices of our non-human relations; how we hear the built environment, the air, the waterways and earth.

After spending time in different locations in Lhq’alets, this evening program invites participating artists to share writing and thoughts about their time listening.