Mar. 11: Attunement with mayfield brooks

Mar 11, 2023

Attunement is part of the free workshop series offered by the Liberated Planet Studio (LPS). Supported by the PWIAS Catalyst Collaboration Fund, LPS provides practice space and workshops for artists and activists interested in ecological and movement research at the intersections of social and environmental justice.


This workshop will focus on attuning to different frequencies of sound, vibration, momentum, stillness, and touch. The invitation is to play with: dancing and vocalizing in peripheral spaces, disorientation, decomposing dance & choreographing breath,  exploring sensation & touch and finding quietude. Listening is the basis of this work. Attuning to the grief and wonder of this current moment and allowing gentleness to permeate ones’ practice is the invitation. This work is inspired by mayfield’s research into ocean soundscapes, whale echolocation and whale mother culture.  Let’s play!

mayfield brooks improvises while black and is based in Lenapehoking, the unceded land of  the Lenape people, also known as Brooklyn, New York. brooks is a movement-based performance artist, vocalist, urban farmer, writer, and wanderer. brooks teaches and performs practices that arise from Improvising While Black (IWB), their interdisciplinary dance methodology which explores the decomposed matter of Black life and engages in dance improvisation, disorientation, dissent, and ancestral healing. brooks is the 2021 recipient of the biennial Merce Cunningham Award from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, a 2021 Bessie/New York Dance and Performance Award nominee for their dance film, Whale Fall, a 2022 Danspace Project Platform artist and currently a Hodder Fellow at Princeton University.