Nov 30: Artistic Practice Session #3: Writing and Storytelling for World-Ending and World-Building

Nov 30, 2022

This event has moved on line due to weather. Please join via Zoom.

Meeting ID: 685 3684 4064
Passcode: 778879

This artistic immersion session centers on storytelling as a powerful method of collaborative world-building and world-ending. It offers a vision into how we can use creative writing as a tool to metabolize the past, compost our shit, grieve the dying world, and begin to imagine our future in the face of the Climate and Nature Emergency. This session asks, “How can we use language to bear witness to and respond to our lives? In what ways is writing an enzyme that supports our digestion of difficult and complex emotions? What worlds are we able to imagine and construct when we engage in vulnerable and responsible storytelling?”

By engaging with various writing methods, techniques and genres, this session invites participants to imagine how writing and storytelling can be tools used to create generative paths forward. Here, writing and storytelling will become lenses through which we might see and hold our fear, anxiety, anger, grief, and hope about the end of the world as we know it.

Participants are invited to come to this session with an openness to exploring world-ending and world-building through experimental writing exercises and open conversation. No previous writing experience is necessary; storytelling is for everyone.

Led by multidisciplinary artist and playwright, Willow Cioppa (they/them).

This workshop is part of a series of 6 Artistic Practice Immersion Sessions for nurturing intellectual and relational stamina in the context of the Climate and Nature Emergency.