Our amazing Universe: astronomical revelations and new mysteries

Sep 14, 2018
  • 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
  • Location:
    Room 2201, UBC Life Building
    6138 Student Union Blvd
    Vancouver, BC

Dr. François Bouchet will describe current observations that precisely constrain the nature of the Cosmos in which we live, leading to radical ideas for the origin of the structures within it. These touch on  questions such as: How did the Universe originate? What is it made of? Why is it the way that it is? What is the nature of the Dark Matter and Dark Energy that dominate the Universe?  How do we actually learn about these? And what are the new mysteries that our observations are revealing?

François R. Bouchet is a French astronomer specializing in physical cosmology, including formation of large­ scale structures and the study of the remnant radiation from the Big Bang. His research combines theoretical and numerical studies with analysis of data from space- and ground-based telescopes. He is based at the lnstitut d’Astrophysique de Paris, where he has served as overseer of the data analysis effort for the Planck satellite mission. Dr. Bouchet is a Research Director of the CNRS and serves as President of the Scientific Council of the National Cosmology Program.

This is a free event, no registration required. 

Image courtesy of ESA Planck collaboration.