Peace Process Architectures: Critical Lessons from the Northern Ireland Conflict

Jan 27, 2016

Abstract:There is much literature on the Northern Ireland ‘Troubles’ but little work has been done on tracking peacemaking lessons that could be applied to other global protracted conflicts. Because of its long history, the Irish experience is a rich resource for designing peace processes including shifting negative dynamics, forging inclusive negotiations and post-agreement implementation. Professor Corry will discuss his work on formal and informal process interventions in Ireland and elsewhere that de-escalate and transform the lethal cocktail of religion, ethnicity and political struggle. His multidisciplinary research draws from his and others’ experiences in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, yielding lessons about fostering sustainable peace relevant to multiple contexts.
Speaker:Prof. Geoffrey Corry, BA (Mod), MSc (Mgmt), HDipEd, is a self-employed specialist since 1987 in conflict resolution, facilitation and mediation in a number of settings: the peace process in Ireland, family mediation, workplace and community disputes, restorative justice and the environment.
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                                 Allard School of Law, Room 111, 1822 East Mall, Vancouver