Printing the future of therapeutics in 3D

May 05, 2017

The medical industry is struggling to keep our ageing population healthy. Developing effective and safe drugs is too expensive and time-consuming to continue unchanged. We cannot meet the current demand for transplant organs, and people are dying on the donor waiting list every day. Imagine a world where drugs are efficiently developed without the use of animals, where doctors know how a patient will react to a drug before prescribing it, and where patients can have a replacement organ 3D-printed using their own cells, without dealing with waiting lists or organ rejection. 3D bioprinting is a rapidly evolving technology that could enable this world. We invite you to join academic and industry professionals to discuss how 3D bioprinting is being used to shape the future of health and what ethical challenges may be involved if you are able to print your own organs.

This open session is part of the “Printing the Future of Therapeutics in 3D” International Research Roundtable May 3-5, 2017. Learn more about the Roundtable.