Save Our Seas: Why is Translating Good Science Into Good Policy So %#*&^ Hard?

Mar 28, 2017

Scientific evidence has been telling us for years that our oceans are in peril. So why have we not been able to rectify the situation?

We invite you to join Dr. Daniel Pauly, internationally-acclaimed fisheries scientist and principal investigator of the Sea Around Us, in a discussion that will bring to light the perilous state of the world’s oceans today.

Dr. Pauly will touch upon what actions would really need to be taken–by policy makers and citizens alike–in order for the overwhelming evidence of damage to our oceans to be translated into policy and practice to save them from a dire future.

Can we save our oceans from becoming so overfished and polluted that we will be telling our next generation of children, borrowing the title of Dr. Pauly’s book, to “eat your jellyfish.”

A University Killam Professorship is the highest honour UBC can confer on a faculty member and recognizes exceptional teachers and researchers who are leaders in their fields.

This series is presented by UBC’s Office of the VP Research and Office of the VP Academic in partnership with the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies and alumni UBC.