Sensory cue integration: Beyond vision

Apr 26, 2017
  • 11:00 am - Noon
  • Location:
    Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health, 3rd floor seminar room
    2215 Wesbrook Mall
    Vancouver, BC

Human behavior responds to sensory cues from our environment. Given multiple sources of noisy information about the world, human behavior can often best be described as near-optimal relative to an ideal Bayesian observer. That is, humans take into account the uncertainty of each source of information as well as prior information (e.g., knowledge of statistics of the world) and infer the most likely scene that gave rise to the sensory signals. Work on sensory cue integration has centered on visual and auditory signals. Prof. Landy will describe ongoing studies involving spatial localization using haptic (touch) and proprioceptive (body sense) cues.