The Foreclosure Follies

In 2008, the world experienced a seismic financial collapse. Parts of the globe continue to face financial crises. This Brecht-style cabaret with music and comedy explores the big questions we face now–‘to regulate, or not to regulate’ … and many others. Featuring an international cast of performers and guests from the worlds of law, economics and finance, with a discussion with creators and the cast post-interval.

This project grew out of a knowledge exchange between writer, Helen Eastman, composer Alex Silverman, and lawyer and economist Professor Janis Sarra. Economists, bankers and commercial law judges came together with actors and creatives to ask how we use the arts to pose essential questions in our society. The result is a Brecht-style cabaret, with plenty of music and comedy, asking some uncomfortable questions about how we regulate the financial sector.

This event is presented by Live Canon and the Annual Review of Insolvency Law, in partnership with the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of British Columbia.

After premiering in Montréal this February, the show now tours four cities internationally to keep fueling the debate:

Vancouver, B.C.
New York, NY
Oxford, UK
London, UK