The Prisoner’s Dilemma: Partners and Rivals

Apr 14, 2016

Abstract:The Prisoner’s Dilemma game, the working horse for studying social traps, has recently undergone a remarkable rejuvenation. New results allow to characterize partner strategies, competitive strategies, and ZD strategies. If a player uses a partner strategy, both players can fairly share the social optimum; but a co-player preferring an unfair solution will be penalized by obtaining a reduced payoff. A player using a competitive strategy never obtains less than the co-player. A player using a ZD strategy unilaterally enforces a linear relation between the two players payoffs. These properties hold for all possible strategies of the co-player and thus cover a vast range of behaviors. The new results will be embedded in an overview covering a wide field of well-established theoretical and experimental results.
Speaker:Karl Sigmund was Professor of Mathematics at the University of Vienna from 1974-2013, and is one of the pioneers of evolutionary game theory. He also worked on ergodic theory and dynamical systems, and biomathematics. More recently, he has increasingly turned to the history of science – with books, exhibitions, and films on the Vienna Circle.
Please register for this free event. Refreshments will be provided for registered guests. For more information, see the poster.Peter Wall Institute, East Conference Room, 6331 Crescent Road, Vancouver