Farmers on remote island fight food insecurity with their flock

April 7, 2020

Smaller isolated communities like those on Quadra Island are concerned about being at the end of a very long supply chain during COVID-19. Residents commented that their economies were unsustainable before the pandemic, and self-sufficiency is just not possible.

2019 International Research Roundtable Grant recipient Hannah Wittman (UBC Land and Food Systems and the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability) was interviewed for this story, in which she outlined the systematic change necessary to support small and medium-sized farmers to establish food sovereignty. According to Wittman, most estimates suggest B.C. can only meet 50 per cent of its food consumption needs from provincial production.

Wittman’s International Research Roundtable focused on the challenges and solutions in improving global food security while at the same time conserving and enhancing agricultural biodiversity.