S01E02: Max Cameron on Political Institutions and Practical Wisdom

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Our guest for episode two of the Ways of Knowing podcast is Max Cameron, a Professor in the Department of Political Science and Acting Director of the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs at UBC, as well as a former Wall Institute Distinguished Scholar in Residence.

His research focuses on comparative politics, constitutionalism, democracy, and political economy. His book Political Institutions and Practical Wisdom: Between Rules and Practice was published in 2018. Today’s conversation is about the way good institutions depend on wise practitioners, especially at a time of excessive partisanship and the hollowing-out of democratic deliberation.

Stay tuned for episode three, a conversation with Hannah McGregor, an Assistant Professor at Simon Fraser University’s Publishing Program and host of the Secret Feminist Agenda Podcast.

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VIDEO: Watch Max Cameron use Aristotle’s insight to show how organizations can be created that foster practical wisdom in work, politics, community and everyday life.