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Ways of Knowing: Season 2

In Season 2 of Ways of Knowing, join our Wall Scholars as they take over the mic to explore new and different ways of making sense of the world through thought-provoking conversations with scholars and artists.

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Ways of Knowing: Season 1

In Season 1 of Ways of Knowing, Dr. Kalina Christoff, Professor of Psychology at UBC and former Interim Director of the Peter Wall Institute, hosts a series of intimate and engaging conversations that explore how scholars and artists think about their areas of expertise and beyond.

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The Co-op Podcast

The Co-op Podcast looks at the potential for cooperatives to help higher learning become more resilient in the face of epidemics by creating conditions for belonging, accessible knowledge, caregiving and food and shelter security.

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S01E14: Understanding the Immune System with Paul Keown

Paul Keown (UBC Medicine), a specialist in immunology and transplantation, joins Kalina Christoff to discuss the many ways our immune system contributes to our health — from allergies and the effects of aging to the complex responses to organ transplants and auto-immune disease. Paul Keown is a Professor in UBC’s Department…

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S01E13: Diane Srivastava on Ecological Networks in Nature and Science

Diane Srivastava, an expert in ecology, joins Kalina Christoff to discuss food webs and what they can teach us about ecology, climate change, and tipping points in complex systems dynamics. Dr. Srivastava is a Professor in UBC’s Department of Zoology and head of the …

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S01E12: Cole Burton on Charismatic Animals and How to Live with Them

In this episode, Kalina Christoff is joined by Cole Burton, an Assistant Professor in UBC’s Department of Forest Resource Management. Professor Burton is an expert on wildlife conservation who studies ‘charismatic megafauna’ – large-bodied terrestrial mammals, such as caribou, wolves, and lions. We humans love…

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S01E11: Joseph Dahmen on Building Flexible Models for Architecture and Society

In this episode, Kalina Christoff is joined by sustainable building technology expert Joseph Dahmen to discuss how architecture shapes our health and society, and how our building codes and architectural practices can be improved by making them more akin to the much more adaptable and…

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S01E10: Suzanne Simard on How Trees Communicate with Each Other

In this episode, Kalina Christoff is joined by forest ecology expert Suzanne Simard to discuss how trees communicate with each other through a sophisticated fungal network of underground connectivity. Simard shares how she arrived at the idea to start testing if trees communicate to each other and how she…

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S01E09: Candis Callison and Mary Lynn Young on Journalism’s Limits and Possibilities

Our guests for this episode are Candis Callison and Mary Lynn Young, professors at UBC’s School of Journalism, Writing and Media. Callison is also a faculty member at UBC’s Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies. Both are former journalists…

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