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Ways of Knowing

In Ways of Knowing, our Wall Scholars take over the mic to explore new and different ways of making sense of the world through thought-provoking conversations with scholars and artists.

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On Feeling and Knowing

A series of conversations that reveal what classrooms of higher education were traditionally conceived to be, and what they can become. Generous and candid reflections by educators daring to disrupt educational norms, in search of deeper and more diverse pathways to knowledge.

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S02E04: Compassion in Practice: Buddhism & Law

Listen to more Ways of Knowing podcast episodes here. Buddhism has been the subject of much interdisciplinary dialogue in the academy.  Until recently, however, professional disciplines generally, and law in particular, have been largely absent from the conversation. In this episode, Wall…

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S02E03: On the Politics of Waste, Race, and Disposability with Mohammed Rafi Arefin

Mohammed Rafi Arefin, an urban geographer and 2021 Wall Scholar, joins 2020 Wall Scholars Y-Dang Troeung and M. V. Ramana to take us on a fascinating journey through the often overlooked topic of waste. Their conversation discusses the ethics of waste surveillance and pans out to view waste as a…

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S02E02: A Conversation with AbCellera CEO, Carl Hansen

In Episode 2 of our 2nd season, Wall Scholars Dr. Purang Abolmaesumi and Dr. Lara Boyd sit down with Dr. Carl Hansen, CEO of AbCellera Biologics, for a conversation about his unique career path and how he transitioned from academic to innovative…

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S02E01: Carla Nappi on Creative Academic Work

Welcome to the first episode of our second season of the Ways of Knowing podcast. On today’s episode Dr. Carla Nappi, a historian of the pre-modern world, joins 2020 Wall Scholar Dr. Carrie Jenkins to discuss what happens when academic scholarship and creative art practice collide, and the experience of collaborating…

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S01E16: Y-Dang Troeung on Redefining the Refugee Narrative

Y-Dang Troeung, an expert on critical refugee studies, joins Kalina Christoff to discuss what’s missing from the global refugee narrative – and the more complicated history revealed through combining scholarship and personal experience. Dr. Troeung is a professor of English at UBC and a 2020 Wall Scholar at the Peter…

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S01E15: Jennifer Black on Creating Connections Through Food

Jennifer Black, an expert on food systems, joins Kalina Christoff to discuss the role of food in creating connections and communities, the surprising impact of school lunch programs and how the pandemic has affected food security and mental health in Canada. Dr. Black is…

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