S02E06: Naomi Klein on Climate Justice

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On today’s episode of the Ways of Knowing podcast 2020 Wall Scholar M.V. Ramana discusses Climate Justice with award-winning journalist and bestselling author of No Logo, The Shock Doctrine, and This Changes Everything – Naomi Klein. Their conversation tracks Naomi’s intellectual journey though economics, environmentalism, social justice, politics and looks to the future as Naomi joins UBC as Professor of Climate Justice and discusses what it means to take action in the face of not only climate breakdown, but also social and economic inequality.

” The drivers are the same or very similar in this quest for short term profit, whether it’s the way the elderly are treated in for-profit care, or whether it’s our attitude towards the natural world, and the solutions can be in line, we can invest in the infrastructure of care and divest from the infrastructure of extraction “

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