S02E07: Sheila Teves on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Sciences

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Wall Scholar Sheila Teves, a molecular biologist at the University of British Columbia, joins fellow 2020 Wall Scholar Jennifer Black to discuss how her background as a Filipina immigrant has influenced her scientific journey and her advocacy towards increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the sciences. 

An assistant professor of Biochemistry, Dr. Teves is a 2020 Wall Scholar and a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar at the University of British Columbia. This episode was produced remotely with Black and Teves recording in separate locations.

Links to content in this episode:

“Embracing My Roots” by Sheila Teves in Science Magazine

“What We Learn from 50 Years of Kids Drawing Scientists” by Ed Yong, The Atlantic

“Picture a Scientist” film trailer

Dr. Teves’s lab website

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