S03E02: A Conversation with Educator-Activist Shelley-Anne Vidal

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Wall Scholar Annette Henry (Language and Literacy Education & the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice, UBC) speaks with educator activist Shelley-Anne Vidal about her experiences as a Black woman growing up in and around Vancouver.

To date, documentation of the experiences of contemporary African Canadians tends to focus for the most part, on Eastern Canada.  British Columbia has its own richness in history, culture and intellectual traditions as well as challenges.

As part of her work, Dr. Henry has interviewed a range of Black people who have contributed to civic participation in Metro Vancouver in an attempt to understand both the individual and the broader socio-historical context in which they live. Her interviews are not a “who’s who” but rather an attempt at understanding the lives of everyday Black people who share a passion for equity, justice and a love for their black communities. 

About Shelley-Anne Vidal

Shelley-Anne Vidal (she/her) is a highly motivated professional communicator.  She has over a decade of combined experience as a passionate: business professional, educator, and career practitioner. Shelley considers herself a lifelong learner and knowledge seeker who enjoys learning about intercultural leadership, intercultural communication, social justice, anti-racism and how we can bring communities together.

In 2009, Shelley began facilitating interactive and engaging workshops to First Nations communities, international professionals, youth, and post-secondary students. Currently, Shelley works as a college instructor and a community facilitator. She is known for her ability to guide newcomers and youth through their career journeys as well as provide support to enhance people’s confidence, communication skills and intercultural awareness.

Shelley earned a Masters in Higher Education Administration and Leadership. Additionally, she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a minor in Sociology. Some of Shelley’s additional credentials include, a BC Provincial Instructor Diploma in Adult Education, a Career Development Practitioner Certificate and a Certificate in Intercultural Studies Program.

Since learning the importance of community service and advocacy as a child, Shelley enjoys being involved in various passion projects that bring people together as well as amplify the voices and accomplishments of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour.

When she’s not teaching, Shelley enjoys meeting new people, travelling and caring for her young daughter.

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