S01E15: Jennifer Black on Creating Connections Through Food

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Jennifer Black, an expert on food systems, joins Kalina Christoff to discuss the role of food in creating connections and communities, the surprising impact of school lunch programs and how the pandemic has affected food security and mental health in Canada. Dr. Black is an Associate Professor of Food, Nutrition and Health in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at UBC and a 2020 Wall Scholar at the Peter Wall Institute. Her research looks at the complex social and contextual factors that shape our attitudes and behaviours around food and eating.

This episode was produced remotely with Black and Christoff recording from separate locations.

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Links to content mentioned in this episode:

SD40 School Nourishment Program 2018-19 Report: Insights about school lunch experiences from three schools with pre-existing lunch programs during the 2019 transitions to the Fuel Up! School Nourishment Program in New Westminster (Black, J., Elliott, S., Heckelman, A., Mazac, R. et al, Jun 2020)

Mental Health Impacts of COVID-19: A survey on the mental health impacts of COVID-19 released by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) in partnership with UBC researchers. (Dec 2020)

More than food banks are needed to feed the hungry during the coronavirus pandemic (Black, J., Brady, J., Power, E., The Conversation, May 2020)

Household Food Insecurity in Canada, 2017-2018 (Tarasuk V, Mitchell A. (2020) Toronto: Research to identify policy options to reduce food insecurity (PROOF).

More information on Prof. Black’s research can be found here: Public Health and Urban Nutrition Research Group (PHUN)

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