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On Feeling and Knowing: Radical Conversations about Teaching and Learning

How do you engage with students who feel shocked, guilty, embarrassed, upset, angry, or grief-stricken? How do you harness feelings of wonder, generosity, compassion, and inspiration?” These candid conversations with seasoned educators working at the creative frontiers of their disciplines are a resource for educators seeking to expand and deepen their teaching practice.

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The Wall Exchange

The Wall Exchange is a free community event that brings experts from diverse fields to Vancouver to discuss issues that impact us all. The Wall Exchange is typically held twice per year in the spring and fall at the Vogue Theatre in downtown Vancouver.

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Turning Points

Turning Points is a series of short films about alcohol use, addiction, and healing in Yellowknife, directed by the storytellers themselves. This Wall Solutions-funded project provided a platform for people from Indigenous communities across the Canadian Arctic to share their experiences and tap into storytelling traditions that have been used to connect and heal people for centuries.

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Wall Scholars Speaker Series

Since 2014, The Wall Scholars Program has brought together scholars from UBC and around the world to engage in deep, unconstrained research in an immersive, interdisciplinary environment. In this series, some of our Wall Scholars speak about the work that brought them to PWIAS.

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On Feeling and Knowing Ep 1: Jasmine Harris

Dr. Jasmine Harris is an Associate Professor and Director of African-American Studies in the Department of Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Texas, San Antonio. Her current work focuses on the impacts of racism and racial inequality on Black communities and individuals, particularly within predominantly…

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On Feeling and Knowing Ep 2: Ross Gay

Dr. Ross Gay is an internationally celebrated poet, multi-award-winning author, and Professor of English at Indiana University. Ross is currently writing, editing, thinking, teaching, gardening, cultivating tenderness, expanding his capacity for joy, and looking very carefully, in each space he’s in. About the Series Classrooms are to be safe…

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On Feeling and Knowing Ep 3: Annette Henry

Dr. Annette Henry is a Professor in the Department of Language and Literacy Education and cross-appointed to the Institute for Race, Gender, Sexuality and Social Justice at the University of British Columbia. She was a former department head and held the David Lam Chair in Multicultural Education in the…

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On Feeling and Knowing Ep 4: Candis Callison

Dr. Candis Callison is a multi-award-winning scholar and Associate Professor in the School of Journalism, Writing, and Media, and in the Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies at the University of British Columbia. Her pathbreaking research and teaching is currently focused on journalism ethics, the role of social movements in…

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On Feeling and Knowing Ep 5: Megan Boler

Dr. Megan Boler is a Professor in the Department of Social Justice Education at the University of Toronto. An internationally renowned author, teacher, and public intellectual, Megan is currently working with a large research team on a funded study of race, identity politics, and emotional expressions in the context…

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