Ocean Acidification

On October 24, 2013, leading experts on the science of ocean acidification and its impacts on marine ecosystems spoke at a public event for a Peter Wall Institute International Roundtable entitled Ocean Acidification. The changes in ocean chemistry being driven by the burning of fossil fuels has been described as global warming’s “evil twin.” Unlike global warming, which has analogs in the recent geologic past, ocean acidification will soon produce seawater that is more acidic than it has been for hundreds of millions of years. The rate of change is also unprecedented, and may outpace species’ abilities to adapt. Because of its extraordinary magnitude and global scale, ocean acidification is now believed to be one of the single greatest threats to marine ecosystems.

This event features insights into British Columbian perspectives on acidification, effects of this process on coral reefs, large scale ocean acidification research, and what we can do looking forward to address these unique challenges.