On Feeling and Knowing Ep 4: Candis Callison

Dr. Candis Callison is a multi-award-winning scholar and Associate Professor in the School of Journalism, Writing, and Media, and in the Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies at the University of British Columbia. Her pathbreaking research and teaching is currently focused on journalism ethics, the role of social movements in public discourse, changes to media practices and platforms, and communicating meaningfully about science to diverse publics.

About the Series

Classrooms are to be safe spaces, we’re told. Yet educators working within complex realms, where the tensions and discomforts of human experience offer no safe havens, know that deep learning often elicits strong feelings. Created by Dr. Tara Mayer and presented by the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, On Feeling and Knowing, is a series of seven recorded conversations with seasoned educators working at the creative frontiers of their disciplines. Their insights reveal what classrooms of higher education were traditionally conceived to be and what they can become. These conversations aren’t prescriptions or guidelines, but generous and candid reflections by educators daring to disrupt educational norms, in search of deeper and more diverse pathways to knowledge.


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