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COP27: Critically-Engaged Voices

PWIAS and UBC Climate Hub partnered to document critically-engaged voices at COP27, especially Indigenous voices. These videos were recorded by Indigenous youth communicator Isaka Huni Kui, from the Huni Kui delegation at COP27, led by Chief Ninawa Huni Kui, Wall International Indigenous Scholar at UBC.

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2022-23 Catalyst Program

The Catalyst Program connects scholars, students, artists, disciplines, sectors and communities to activate new ways of knowing and acting together to address the urgency, scale and complexity of the climate and biodiversity crises and movements for climate justice.

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On Feeling and Knowing: Radical Conversations about Teaching and Learning

How do you engage with students who feel shocked, guilty, embarrassed, upset, angry, or grief-stricken? How do you harness feelings of wonder, generosity, compassion, and inspiration?” These candid conversations with seasoned educators working at the creative frontiers of their disciplines are a resource for educators seeking to expand and deepen their teaching practice.

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The Wall Exchange

The Wall Exchange is a free community event that brings experts from diverse fields to Vancouver to discuss issues that impact us all. The Wall Exchange is typically held twice per year in the spring and fall at the Vogue Theatre in downtown Vancouver.

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Approaches to the Anthropocene: A Conversation with Philippe Descola and Bruno Latour

Dr. Philippe Descola was a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Peter Wall Institute and Dr. Bruno Latour was the fall 2013 Wall Exchange lecturer. On September 25, 2013 they engaged in a discussion at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver about the concept of the “Anthropocene.” Dr. Descola and Dr.

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“What do you mean I have to pay for this MOOC?” – UBIAS Conference panel

In September 2013, the Peter Wall Institute hosted scholars from 14 countries around the world to participate in the University-Based Institutes for Advanced Study (UBIAS) Conference, held bi-annually by Institutes in the UBIAS network. This panel, entitled What do you mean I have to pay for this MOOC? Disruptive Innovation…

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Pa Gen Dlo

PA  GEN DLO is a short video created by Kevin Mason, PhD candidate in UBC’s School of Music, after spending five weeks in Haiti in the summer of 2013, working alongside traditional musicians on a new video archive for the National Bureau of Ethnology in Port-au-Prince. This video received an…

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The Digital Human | Dinesh Pai

Dr. Dinesh Pai is the Principal Investigator of the Institute’s Major Thematic Grant award, whose research focuses on sensorimotor computation. The scientific goal of this project is to model the complex computations, sensing and motor actions that are required to control our eyes and hand when looking at or reaching…

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Bonding through Bars

In May 2013, delegates from around the world gathered at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies for an International Research Roundtable the rights and realities of children with incarcerated mothers. In this video, a handful of international visionaries from speak about the work they are doing to advocate for…

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