Turning Points: Devin

Devin Hinchey was born and raised in Yellowknife. After a roller-coaster first year at university, he landed in rehab at age 19. Now sober and a college grad, Devin shares how a strong friendship and sense of place contributed to his recovery.

“It’s so easy up here to go down the rabbit hole… I feel like there’s a stigma around sobriety and recovery.”

Devin Hinchey

Turning Points is a series of eight short films about alcohol use, addiction, and healing in Yellowknife, directed by the storytellers themselves. An outcome of Peter Klein’s 2016 Wall Solutions project “Turning Points: An Empowerment Connection Project for Indigenous People with Alcohol Dependence”, the video production provided a platform for people from Indigenous communities across the Canadian Arctic to connect, share their experiences and tap into storytelling traditions that have been used to connect and heal people for centuries.