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PWIAS Impact

Learn more about how the interdisciplinary environment at PWIAS enriches UBC and impacts society through ground-breaking research, influential public policy, artistic collaborations and award-winning publications.

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Chromatic - The Book

Read excerpts and other stories related to “Chromatic”, a new collaborative art book produced by the 2020 Wall Scholars.

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Scholar Q & A

A series of thought-provoking and inspiring short interviews with our Wall Scholars and PWIAS community members.

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Facing Human Wrongs

As part of the Institute’s commitment to expanding the conversation around the climate and nature emergency, Wall Catalyst Student Fellows will be participating in Facing Human Wrongs an online, interdisciplinary course at UBC that addresses the ethical and practical complexities and paradoxes…

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How Climate Storytelling Helps People Navigate Complexity and Find Solutions

2022 Wall Scholar Derek Gladwin and co-author Naoko Ellis (Chemical Engineering, UBC) on how human stories are fundamental to communicating stories about climate change. Despite learning that climate change is hitting the planet faster than scientists predicted, society has been slow to decrease the use of fossil…

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PRISMA Workshop: Interacting Across Difference

Wall Scholars Hanne De Jaegher and Rika Preiser collaborated on a workshop-experiment using the PRISMA research method to explore the experience of interacting across differences. The 2-day workshop took place at PWIAS on April 13 & 14, 2022. Drs. De Jaegher and Preiser filmed (parts of) the process of…

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Everyday Activism in Central and Eastern Europe 30 years after Communism’s Collapse

Our PWIAS International Research Roundtable on May 12-13, 2022, brought together scholars from Canada, the United States, and Central and Eastern Europe who are experts on civil society activism in the post-Communist region, as well as three experienced civil society practitioners – from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Poland, and Russia- to discuss dynamics…

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Wastewater Surveillance and The Law: A Grey Area

Over the past two years, wastewater-based epidemiology—or what is more commonly known as wastewater surveillance—has emerged from the shadows. Once a field criticized for its imprecision, today the field is touted by biomedical researchers and public health officials as an essential tool for predicting and managing disease outbreaks, such as COVID-19. While scientists have…

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Humans and the Environment

Humans have interacted and exploited their environment in beneficial ways, including food, water, medicines and building materials, but in so doing, have also caused environmental damage, with significant impact on all human activities, including health and socio-economic development.   Humans and the Environment, a 3-day exploratory workshop on Galiano Island, BC,…

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