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Chromatic - The Book

Read excerpts and other stories related to “Chromatic”, a new collaborative art book produced by the 2020 Wall Scholars.

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PWIAS Impact

Learn more about how the interdisciplinary environment at PWIAS enriches UBC and impacts society through ground-breaking research, influential public policy, artistic collaborations and award-winning publications.

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Scholar Q & A

A series of thought-provoking and inspiring short interviews with our Wall Scholars and PWIAS community members.

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Keeping Health Care Providers Safe During a Pandemic

As COVID-19 began to spread around the world in early 2020, researchers from UBC and the Emergency Department at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) began brainstorming new ways to keep healthcare providers safe during the upcoming pandemic. Supported by a COVID-19 Solutions Grant from the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies…

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PWIAS: Responding to COVID-19

In April 2020, PWIAS quickly adapted our programs to focus on the many challenging issues related to COVID-19.  We supported the development of new technologies for COVID-19 detection and diagnosis, as well as improved safety enclosures to protect health care workers. Our researchers explored the social impacts on health communications,…

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From Conflict to Peace: Making a Society More Whole

This excerpt from Chromatic: Ten Meditations on Crisis in Art and Letters is written by 2020 Wall Scholar and Constitutional Law expert, Hoi Kong. Illustrations are by April dela Noche Milne. Chromatic is available for preorder through UBC Press. Order your copy today!…

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PWIAS: Conversations in Crisis

How Institutes for Advanced Studies provide the framework for scholarly collaboration that address the big questions of the day. When the 2020 cohort of Wall Scholars with the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies (PWIAS) came together last year, the world was facing multiple crises. A global pandemic was entering…

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PWIAS: Page by Page

PWIAS Wall Scholars are published across a wide range of genres, presenting ideas and scholarship for academic audiences and the general reading public. PWIAS has also published collaborative book projects that bring together Wall Scholars and other thinkers. The following list is just a small selection of the many lauded…

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Chromatic: The Many Colours of Crisis

Coming in October 2021, a new collaborative art book from the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies offers 10 illustrated meditations on crisis from the 2020 Wall Scholars. Chromatic: Ten Meditations on Crisis in Art and Letters is a collection of essays and illustrations as diverse…

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