Agricultural Work, Health, and Extreme Heat Policy

March 20, 2023

Wall Scholars Ethan Raker and Bethany Hastie are collaborating on a new project that will map the range of health issues and outcomes for agricultural workers labouring in extreme heat conditions in BC. The project will then connect these to gaps or limitations in existing legal regulation governing work in extreme heat conditions across the province.

Agricultural workers are among the most vulnerable of BC’s working population and do not often have an effective political voice as most are temporary migrants. This project has real potential to help improve legal regulation of work and health outcomes for this group of workers, who are increasingly affected by extreme heat conditions.

Ethan Raker, Wall Scholar

The project will produce a clear picture of the extent and urgency of the issues facing agricultural workers in BC who labour in extreme heat conditions. The data and related research findings will be valuable tool for numerous advocacy organizations that aim to influence law and policy reform in BC on this and related topics.

This project is part of a larger, longer-term study with partners at the University of Victoria that is engaging in a cross-jurisdictional analysis of law and policy developments related to the protection of agricultural workers in extreme heat conditions.

The PWIAS Catalyst Program provides funding for collaborative projects that address the urgency, scale and complexity of the climate and biodiversity crises and movements for climate justice.