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Chromatic - The Book

Read excerpts and other stories related to “Chromatic”, a new collaborative art book produced by the 2020 Wall Scholars.

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PWIAS Impact

Learn more about how the interdisciplinary environment at PWIAS enriches UBC and impacts society through ground-breaking research, influential public policy, artistic collaborations and award-winning publications.

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Scholar Q & A

A series of thought-provoking and inspiring short interviews with our Wall Scholars and PWIAS community members.

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PWIAS: Ideas and Impact

Since its inception in 2014, the Wall Scholars program at PWIAS has promoted the highest ideals of scholarship, attracting unique thinkers from UBC and beyond. During their year-long residency, Wall Scholars come together, collaborate and challenge themselves to expand their research in new and unexpected ways. This wide-ranging exploration between…

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PWIAS: Connections and Collaborations

The PWIAS Wall Scholars program provides the time and space for scholars to explore new ways of thinking and build new connections with scholars outside of their field. This wide-ranging exploration between disciplines would not happen anywhere else and results in ideas and scholarship that enrich UBC and impact society…

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On Feeling and Knowing: Radical Conversations about Teaching and Learning

Watch the videos: “On Feeling and Knowing: Radical Conversations About Teaching and Learning“ Even within a historical moment when diversity in higher education is being spoken about with unprecedented frequency, certain core assumptions and traditional norms continue to govern our understanding of what constitutes deep…

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COVID-19 Vulnerabilities – Asian Racialization, Coalition and Creativity

How did the COVID-19 pandemic amplify and expose global structures of inequity? After British Columbia declared a COVID-19 State of Emergency on March 18, 2020, reports of anti-Asian violence in Vancouver increased by more than seven times the number of reported incidents during the same period last year.  The…

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Can COVID-19 be a catalyst for improving women’s health?

Drs. Farah Shroff, Bob Woollard and Kranti Suresh Vora, led a PWIAS roundtable focused on the challenges and benefits of COVID-19 for women’s health. Experts on women’s health from Canada, USA (Hispanic/Latinx community), Egypt, Sudan and India, participated in online sessions using deliberative dialogue, an approach which involves listening deeply…

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Expanding neuroscience with engineering: studying brain waves in former nuclear bunker

Dr. Guy Dumont and Dr. John Steeves met as PWIAS Scholars in Residence in 2011 and have since developed a productive and ongoing collaboration. Dr. Dumont is a biomedical engineer interested in studying the brain’s electrical activity, and in particular gamma waves associated with large brain network activity. Gamma wave…

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